Apply for an Anchorage Bullying Awareness Grant-Deadline December 21

Preventing Bullying and Its Consequences

Spirit of Youth is working to improve behavioral health of Anchorage youth. Through community input and local data, we learned there is a direct link between poor mental health conditions and bullying. Our efforts focus on preventing bullying and its consequences, which includes poor mental health. Toward this end we provide training, efforts to improve policies, and build awareness around the issue.

Grant Goals

The four $3,000 Bullying Prevention Campaign Grants are specifically intended to support youth led projects for middle and high school students that meet the following goals:

  • Promote respect and inclusion;
  • Increase the broad community awareness and concern of bullying and its serious consequences;
  • Use of the Careline (More info about Careline at;
  • Reduced stigma among middle and high school youth about reporting bullying;
  • Increase awareness among students, parents, teachers and ASD staff of what bullying is;
  • Community members advocate for bullying prevention.

Deadline is December 21st!  Apply here->

Preventative Action

Preventing Youth Violence: Opportunities for Action

This article details CDC recommendations for action in preventing violence among youth.

Not in Our School Parent Guide

Not in Our School (NIOS) is a national campaign to create safe, inclusive environments. This article serves as a guide for parents looking to help take action against bullying behavior in schools.

Take Action Today

This article is from and provides some bullying prevention basics for those looking to get started.

Suicide Prevention

13 Reasons Why Talking Points

Youth across the country are watching the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. The series has raised a number of serious concerns about suicide. This list of talking points is aimed at helping foster a healthy discussion about the series.

The Relationship Between Bullying and Suicide

This article from the CDC describes the relationship between bullying and suicide. It is important to note that while that relationship does exist, suicide is a complex issue and other factors should also be taken into consideration. Using messaging that links suicide to bullying can be harmful in laying blame, rather than seeking holistic solutions.


Peer Victimization

This article examines long-term impacts of victimization, specifically as it pertains to depression in early adulthood.

Stability in Bullying and Victimization and its Association with Social Adjustment in Childhood and Adolescence

This study makes a differentiation between stable and transient bullying behavior and targets. Please keep in mind that this resource refers to “bullies” and “victims.” Research shows that this messaging can be harmful. The ACC uses the terms “bullying behavior,” and “targets of bullying behavior.”